Will an iPhone XS case fit an iPhone 11?

Will an iPhone XS case fit an iPhone 11? The answer is every phone case and cover are designed according to the material and structure of the phone. While styling and creating a phone case for a new smartphone model, developers kept in mind, that the phone case causes no interruption and obstacle while using camera features, jack, Power buttons, Torchlight, fingerprint sensor, and touchpad. If the model of smartphone is different, but the phone case of that model can also get fit into another smartphone of the same brand/company.

iPhone SX Safetee case

In the case of Apple, plenty of iPhone models are developed, and some iPhone is launched with the minor design change, so the same phone case can go for all those iPhone models. For example, iPhone 7, 8, 6, and 6S have minor differences in design, dimensions differ from 0.1mm to 0.2mm only. So same phone cases work perfectly for all iPhone models of Apple. But in a recent while, Apple launch iPhone XS in 2018 and iPhone 11 in 2019, with minor changes in dimension and structure. iPhone XS case can fit into an iPhone11? Before answering this question, you should have to be crystal clear about the structure and design of both iPhone, so that you can decide on your own that is it worthy to buy an old phone case that does not belong to the original model of the iPhone?

  • Structure and design of the iPhone 11. 
  • Structure and design of iPhone XS.
  • Difference between iPhone 11 and iPhone XS
  •  Is Phone case of iPhone XS is adjustable for iPhone?

Structure and design of iPhone 11 

n 2019, Apple launched another beautiful round corner iPhone 11 in multiple colours that have a capacity up 256GB and height is 5.98 inches along with 2.97 inches width. More feature includes wide ultra-wide and wide camera lens with six effects and A13 bionic chi

Will an iPhone XS case fit an iPhone 11

Structure and design of iPhone XS design

Apple launched a stunning and classy looking iPhone XS that has a wider and faster stereo sound with beautiful, bright gold finishing, smooth, and a shiny back cover. Rounded edges, slim & sleek look. XS has a dual-camera feature, has a 5.8 inches display screen, and A12 Bionic chip in it. Our website has different iPhone XS phone cases made of pure leather,  Silicon and TPU materials.  

Difference between iPhone 11 and iPhone XS

The iPhone 11 and iPhone XS has some compatible issue in their structures due to which iPhone XS does case does not fit into the iPhone 11. The table showed some differences between iPhone designs.

iPhone 11

iPhone XS

Wide cut out on the back

Small cut out on the back

Ultra-wide and geared camera feature which makes it difficult to fit in iPhone XS.

A small range of cameras and its phone case is design according to the cutout.

The diagonal display displays are 6.06 inches.

The diagonal display displays are 5.98 inches.
Dimension is 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm
Dimension is 143.5 x 70.9 x 7.7mm
Ultra-wide Lens.
Telephoto Lens.
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Screen.

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Screen.
Heavier (hard to fit in the pocket).
Light in weight.

Larger Bazzels.
Small Bazzels.

Is Phone case of iPhone XS is adjustable for iPhone 11?

From the above all detailed discussion, we can say that unfortunately, you can not use the iPhone XS phone case for iPhone 11 because it does not fit in properly due to dimension differences, and the major reason is the wide gear camera iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. All older versions of iPhone phone cases are not compatible with iPhone 11 due to the ultra range of the camera. If you try to fit in the iPhoneXS phone case into the iPhone 11 then it will fit very tightly because display diagonals are wider and the phone case also hides some camera portion of the phone. 


Apple iPhones XS has a slimmer design with upgraded processors and small Bazzel and the iPhone 11 has a good thickness and battery life as compared to the iPhone XS but due to defined differences of dimensions and camera ranges, iPhone XS phone case compatibility is zero for iPhone 11. Conclusively, this article narrates all individual details and differences of both iPhones, and iPhone 11 (and iPhone 11 Pro Max both iPhones) can not fit in into the iPhone XS phone case.    

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