When to replace a tempered glass screen protector?

While purchasing a cell phone, its protection is a mandatory task to do, and the user has to buy a good quality phone case and a screen protector. If your phone drops or falls anywhere then its front display can get easily damage, if you don’t put any screen protector on it. Screen tempered glass protects the screen form dropping and has shock-absorbent features that avoid all damages to the display screen of your mobile phone. When using a screen protector, you must have to change them with time, if they have any marks and cracks on it. There are different types of screen protectors but in today’s article, we will discuss when to replace a tempered glass screen protector? Before moving towards the main topic, we will highlight that What is a tempered glass screen protector, and it’s working.

  • What is a tempered Glass Screen protector?
  • How does it work?
  • If tempered Glass Screen gets a crack?
  • When to replace the tempered Glass Screen Protector?
  • How to change and install a new tempered Glass Screen protector?

What is a tempered Glass Screen protector?

If your mobile phone hit so hard to the floor, and your phone has a tempered Glass Screen Protector then, your phone screen will remain the same, and can not get damaged because tempered protector is highly capable to provide safety to the mobile phone, it is more durable as compared to Plastic, avoid visible damage, and extremely resistant.  A tempered glass screen protector has a Layers of Protection that greatly protects your mobile phone because it is five times stronger than the normal glass protector

How does it work?

It’s working is dependent upon its Layers of Protection. It is made of four layers

  • Oleophobic coating
  • It also has a layer of Shatter Proof film(Polythene and Crystal thermoplastic material).
  • A firm and strong tempered glass.
  • A Silicon coating which increases its eligibility to protect your phone better than other glass protectors. 

All these layers increase the level of safety and confined into a warm & heat resistant material than makes it more advantageous and eligible material for mobile phone screen protection.

If tempered Glass Screen gets a crack?

f the tempered Glass Screen of the protector gets crashed or has any mark, then it becomes less effective and it’s ability to protect the display screen becomes weaker. Although it has some thick protection layers, good grip, and hardness but thin cracks on the screen protector can reduce the safety rate or if it gets smash completely then, your tempered glass is useless and provides no more protection to your mobile phone.

When to replace the tempered Glass Screen Protector?

From the above enough knowledge, it is now understood that how much strong and hardcore a tempered glass protector is, but we can not say that it will never get useless. With time, a protector will get some cracks or marks, and then it may get smash, at this stage its purpose to provide screen protection will finish, and you have to buy a new tempered glass protector. 1 to 4 months duration is enough to use one glass screen protector because with time its grip and spray coating become weak. You can check the need to replace your Glass screen protector, When 

  • It gets any crack or a mark that is looking ugly.
  • If it’s glue is losing a grip from mobile screen display, and the screen becomes dusty from tiny areas.
  • If it has tiny Glass fragments and pieces.
  • If protector edges break down or become sharp.

There is a process of changing and installing a new tempered glass screen protector, which is discussed below.

How to change and install a new tempered Glass Screen protector

When you feel that now there is a need to change your screen protector then you have to change it, by following the adequate process and installing method 

  • Gather all the required things, a cleaner, a new tempered Glass Protector, and a neat cloth (a microfiber cloth).
  • Remove the old Glass screen protector very carefully, because it might have any sharp edges or pieces of glass that can damage your fingers. You can use any sharp stick or toothpick to gaze the corner of a protector then pull from one corner and remove it slowly. 
  • Clean the display screen properly, remove glue fluid from the screen, deep clean all the edges with a cleaning cloth. Cleaning has two method 
  • Dry mount cleaning. (You can use any cloth, a cleaning pad, or any microfibre cloth for cleaning).
  • Wet mount cleaning. (You can use a cleaning spray bottle to clean up all the screen using alcohol or any other antiseptic liquid).
  • After cleaning, you have to carefully place a Glass screen protector. Start placing it from one edge and then push it on to the screen or you can start placing it from the center of a screen.
  • Let it dry for some hours, and now you can use your mobile phone with a new protective tempered Glass screen protector.


Briefly, you must have to change the tempered screen protector, if there is any minor or major crack and it should be done immediately because minor crack and marks exceed to early and turn into major cracks that can also smash you screen protector completely. Tempered Glass lifetime is 1-4 months, so you have to make sure to change it. We hope that this article will make you clear about a tempered Glass protector material, it’s working, when you have to replace it and what is the proper method to replace it.

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