How do I get my Bluetooth Handset to work with PS4

How do I get my Bluetooth Handset to work with PS4? Playstation 4 is the best and excellent game console for playing games. While playing games, the user can enjoy HDR gaming and breathtaking virtual entertainment. This single-chip customer processor has built-in hard disk drive and has more advanced features and changes like a good quality integrated touchpad improved analog sticks and buttons. So, PS4 is a highly recommended home video gaming console that immerses the user in the best games.

Even though PS4 is a good gaming console for game lovers, there are some drawbacks in PS4 like for cloud processing fewer servers are available to rely on, don’t support external hard drives, and one missing feature is that PS4 cannot use any Bluetooth headset but you can use few of them that are licensed properly and are completely official. 

But the foremost question is that what is a method to connect a licensed Bluetooth headset with PlayStation 4. For this purpose, two things are required 

  • Bluetooth Adapter Dongle 
  • Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Adapter Dongle

Bluetooth adapter dongle receives and transmits Bluetooth signals wirelessly. It generally works, when we insert it into the USB port. When the system recognises the dongle them, you can turn on Bluetooth device to whom you want to connect with, the system recognises the device, start pairing, and establish the connection.

Bluetooth Headset

Above we discussed a generic process to establish a Bluetooth connection but in case of PS4, you have to buy a Bluetooth headset that is perfectly geared up with PlayStation 4  because many standard Bluetooth headsets can not work perfectly with PS4.

The process to pair Bluetooth headset with PlayStation 4

fter finding a perfectly geared up Bluetooth headset, then put your USB dongle into the USB port, and light on USB flashes slowly then, turn on your Bluetooth headset and pair it with a dongle. Meanwhile, turn on the paring mode of USB dongle also. When the light of dongle becomes still it means pairing is completed, now you can put your headset into the jack and enjoy an audio sound after a success message on the PS4 screen. You can freely and comfortably play your games because both accessories  (Bluetooth headset and Dongle) are very small and extremely portable.

After Pairing Bluetooth Handset to the PS4

Once you paired with a PS4, then follow the following steps 

  • Go to PS4 menu 
  • Select Settings
  • Select Devices 
  • Select BlueTooth Devices (you can also pair your headset with PS4 in the menu if it is not paired before)
  • You can also pair a new device from the pair of unconnected devices.
  • If the Bluetooth headset is paired with PS4, the menu will show the device name on the list. Otherwise, pair first.
  • Select the Headset name.
  • Register your headset, if needed.
  • If it is compatible with the device, a success message is shown on your screen. You can use the above steps to connect any compatible and officially supported headset device to your PS4 

How to connect unsupported Bluetooth Headset to PlayStation 4

It is better to use officially compatible Bluetooth headset to your PlayStation4 but if you don’t have an official headset than you don’t need to worry about that. PlayStation4 has a user-friendly console and menu, you can also use you good quality unsupported Bluetooth headset, but there are some steps to follow and establish a Bluetooth connection. These steps make a stable Bluetooth connection with mostly headsets.

  • Go to the PS4 menu. 
  • Click Settings
  • Click Devices 
  • Click BlueTooth Devices 
  • Activate/turn on your Bluetooth headset
  • Go back to Devices
  • Select Audio Devices
  • Select the Output Device
  • Select the Headset connected to the controller.
  • Select Output to Headphones.
  • Select All Audio.
  • Enjoy your game with audio


How do I get my Bluetooth Handset to work with PS4? In those early days, you have to buy a game and follow all the company rules and ownership. The modern Console, there is one excellent aspect to connect and pair your screen/console with other devices via Bluetooth. Mostly video games layout and design only support good and high-quality headsets especially for PlayStation4 high-ended Bluetooth is required to play your games with adequate and good sound quality without disturbing your home environment. So if you purchase a hid-ended headset but it is unofficial and unsupported with your console then follow above instruction in the given article, and if you have not purchased a headset then hurry to buy a headset that officially supports your PS4 console, so you can connect to audio and enjoy your games.

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