How can I use my iPhone as a second screen on a Chrome booK

How can I use my iPhone as a second screen on a Chrome book. When we talk about using the iPhone as a second screen on a Chromebook. Firstly we should know the concept of screen mirroring. Meaning is clearly shown from the word Screen Mirroring, it shows the reflection/mirror of the device display. So by using your iPhone or iPad and mirroring with any MAC or chrome book and Windows. You can easily watch movies, play games, update any application like Instagram or Facebook. Chrome book makes the screen mirroring easy. Lots of authenticated mirroring software are available that mirrors your mobile phone to any other device. You can also mirror HDTV to chrome book if your chrome book has an HDMI port. While traveling, you have a chance to do screen mirroring through promising tools. Mirroring applications to connect with your Mac book. Enjoy watch your favourite seasons and shows, Fewer software applications provide good screen mirroring. Let’s have a look at them.

Ways to use iPhone as a second screen on a Chromebook

If you have an iPhone and you want to mirror it into the Chromebook. Your video streaming can be done easily through some reliable software applications. There are 3 major ways to use the iPhone as a second screen on a Chromebook. 

  • Mirroring360
  • Air Server 
  • Reflector 3

Mirroring 360

Mirroring 360 Pro version allows you to displays your screen on approximately forty devices at one time. It is an instant alternative software application that is useful for collaborative work. It displays the screen of the iPhone to any Windows, Chromebook, and MAC devices. There is a feature of Mirroring Assist. Which you are not able to find the receiving device name from the given list. This professional tool can share content without any use of USB port. You can share the screen of your PC to your mobile device also. But it does not facilitate the device audio streaming. Some guidelines are given below that should be followed before using the Mirroring360 application.

  • Firstly download the Mirroring 360 application on Chrome Book (it can be MAC or Windows)
  • Install and Run the application on Chrome Book.
  • In the Mirroring360 application, Click on the Start Sharing option to share the content. This option is located on the right side of an app.
  • Meanwhile, on your iPhone, open the Control Centre
  • Click on the Screen Mirroring option.
  • Click on the Device name (Chrome Book name), which is enlisted in the list of Detected Devices.
  • Now you can watch movies, play video games from your Chrome Book

Air Server

Air Server is also another efficient application that is useful for iPhones/Android devices. Perform screen mirroring to mirror the screen on other devices by connecting with them. It is fully efficient and compatible with Chrome Book. Any other Windows (Windows 10), MAC, Pixel, iPad and Nexus. Mirroring the screen and provide ease and joy to the user. Air Server has smoother streaming of video as compared to Mirroring360 application. When the iPhone gets connected to a Chrome Book through this software. It allows and supports all media/internet content streaming wirelessly and provides a clear interface to the user. There are a few steps to download this application into your Chrome Book.

  • Download this application through a link.
  • Run & Install the application.
  • Connect this application to your iPhone and Chrome Book using one wireless network.
  • Open Control Centre on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and click on the Screen Mirroring option on the bottom of the interface.
  • Select the Chrome Book name from the Detected Devices.
  • Connect to it.
  • Now you have mirrored your iPhone to Chrome Book and enjoy seeing movies and videos.

Reflector 3

The purpose of Reflector 3 is the same as of Mirroring360 and Air Server. This application not only performs screen mirroring. It connects your iPhone (or any other device) to Chrome Book, MAC, and Android device. But also supports Airplay devices, and Google cast. Reflector 3 does not support any video editing and has fewer versions from Windows. It allows us to personalise the audio. User can connect to do audio streaming and narration, and eligible to listen to any audio track via speakers. With these additional features, it is a bit expensive software to buy but it has a very easy setup. Just have a look on below steps

  • Download this application through an app link in your Chrome Book.
  • Install and Run the application 
  • Open Control Centre on your iPhone.
  • Select and Click on the Screen Mirroring option.
  • Select your Chrome Book name from the devices.
  • Connect with Chrome Book and your iPhone will get mirrored


Mirroring Software applications are completed efficiently to mirror your devices. And are quite easy in processing, handling, and easy to hands-on. The above three discuss applications are perfect for screen mirroring. Share the second screen of your iPhone to Chrome Book and other devices. But every software has different additional features with the same purpose. If you want some collaborative working, you can go for mirroring 360. If you want audio streaming or personalise the audio. Go for Reflector 3, and for sole work you can go for Air Server or Reflector 3. Conclusively, all are handy applications to perform wireless screen mirroring. Mirror your devices so that you can listen to audio, watch movies, seasons and much more good entertainment.

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