Finding out the Model Number of your Phone

Checking the model number of your phone is the most important task to do while you are purchasing your mobile phone. The easiest and finest way to check your mobile phone model name and model number is to check your phone settings. You have to simply go to the Settings option and you will see About phone/About device option click on it, and check the model name, the model number of your smartphone. We will discuss all aspects of checking and finding out the model number of every smartphone in detail, but before that, we will enlighting some other new and easiest ways to check the smartphone model.

  1. Check the model number from the email.
  2. Check phone box
  3. Check via Bluetooth connectivity

Check the model number from the email

In case, if you order your smartphone online, then you will receive an email and you can check your mobile phone model number/name from there. The company gives a written record or trial also, for customer follow-ups.

Check phone box

When you purchase a mobile phone, it is packed in a phone box along with other accessories like charger, cable wires, and headphones. There is a small white sticker on the phone box that includes the model name and model number of a smartphone. Some smartphones can model name and number on the back of a battery cover. A sticker is attached at the back of a mobile phone.

Check via Bluetooth connectivity

As we know that Bluetooth pairing requires a device name, and there is a preset name of every mobile device which is shown while connecting to another smartphone via Bluetooth. You can also get the device name when connecting to another smartphone.

Preliminary we discuss the generic way to check the model name/number of your smartphone, now we study in detail. Let’s have a look

Checking model number from the mobile phone

If you want to find detailed information about your smartphone then you have to go to your phone setting option. Some smartphone has an option of About device and if you don’t find any option of About device then follow settings à systemà About device. About device contains all information about the device name/number, status, battery info, software and hardware info, and other legal info. If you don’t find the device name option in About device option then click hardware info (it is also in About device menu).

There is a different set of options on various smartphones. As above we talk about simple methods to check the detailed information of your smartphone. Andriod smartphones have some different methods to check the detailed information, Nokia, HTC, LG, and Apple iPhone has a different method to check. One by one they are enlisted below

Andriod phones (Samsung, Huawei, Motorolla)

  1. Go to menu
  2. System Settings
  3. About Device
  4. Check model name, model number, and other detail about a device.

Apple’s iPhone

  1. Go to the menu.
  2. Settings.
  3. General.
  4. About.
  5. You can see a Model name
  6. To check the model number, tap a part number.

It is a general method to check your iPhone details. But two things are important to know about an iPhone its Memory space and iPhone series that’s all.

BlackBerry phones

  1. Select Option.
  2. Select Device.
  3. Select About Device versions
  4. Check the model name/number.

Windows Phone/Nokia Lumia

  1. Go to Settings
  2. About.
  3. In the Phone Information section, you will see the number and model name of your phone.

Nokia/ Some old Mobile Phones

In Nokia you can dial *#0000# to check model number and name or you may remove the battery of your phone, inside it, you will find a model name and number.

Why model number is useful?

When we purchase a mobile phone we get to know its model number which is a master/main key to know all the phone details. You can also get to know all detail information about the phone by entering the model number in another device database (like in Samsung).


With the passage of time technology is becoming vaster in terms of making new devices, introducing new features, new data security techniques and method of finding information about devices. Most people know the mobile brand name, model number and other details but when you are gifting a phone to someone unaware of brand and model, or some old age people who do not know about these technicalities then you have to aware of them. We aimed both, smartphone users and old phone users because the method to know about finding the model number is very much important when any of the users want to get the support for the device. Plenty of people are still using an old phone, so our guidance enlightens them to pick the right method.

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