Does the iPhone SE have wireless charging?

Does the iPhone SE have wireless charging?, The good news is that the recent launch iPhone SE has this wireless charging feature making it a desired option for many. One will enjoy intuitive charging experience with is this wireless charging feature in the new iPhone SE. The phone also features the fastest charging ever with 18 watts or higher adaptor. 50% of the phone is just 30 minutes Your iPhone now works with Qi- certified charges that are available in the market as iPhone accessories. You can purchase them either through Apple online store or a retail store.

What is wireless charging?

Having this feature in your iPhone SE rules out the chances of possible damage to your phone’s charging port in any unforeseen circumstances. 

Why do we need wireless charging?

Of course, the wireless charging feature on the iPhone is undoubtedly an absolute necessity with the increased usage of phones in our regular day to day life. This feature on the phone prevents the need for plugging the cord into the phone and reduces possible wear and tear or damage to the Lightning port.

A wireless charging setup for your iPhone SE consists of a circular pad wider than your iPhone and you can charge your phone wirelessly and effortlessly. However, to charge your phone wirelessly, you need QI case, a charging pad station that continuously receives a small amount of power. to remain stand by till the receiver coil is located in your phone, once it is detected, it draws more power from the wall outlet. When two coils get connected creating an electromagnetic field around, the phone receiver coil from the field and convert direct current used by the phone battery. 

Which is better option wireless or wired charging ?

iPhone SE enables faster charging with 18 watts higher adaptor. Both wireless and cable charging have their own pros and cons. Also, charging your iPhone wirelessly adds style and comfort to your desk. 

How to charge iPhone SE wirelessly?

Knowing how to make use of features helps you knock it when needed. 

• Have your charger placed on the flat surface for effective usage 

• Now, place your iPhone on the wireless charging accessory with the display facing up.

wireless charging

Few do and do not for wireless charging 

Wireless charging accessories use magnetic induction to charge your phone battery. Placement of any magnetic cases in between may reduce performance and the possibility of damaging the strips. There are even iPhone cases that facilitate wireless charging without the need for removing.

• Remove vibration mode while you charge or use the DND feature if possible. You can also prevent the movement of the iPhone by using the phone case that facilities wireless charging.

• It will take the charge via USB connection. 

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