Does gorilla glass 6 need a screen protector?

Gorilla glass is very strengthen, powerful, and unbreakable glass which is design to be very resistant, cause no damage, thin & sleek, and lightweight. This glass is developed by an American multinational company Corning Inc. One of the most unique facts about Gorilla glass is that it contains a sheet named Aluminosilicate that protects all electronic devices like television screens, computer screens, laptop screens, and other portable devices (mobile phones, iPads) from any crack, flaws, and damage resistant. This chemical strengthen glass has multiple versions that come up with more harm-resistant quality, but in this article, we will talk about Gorilla glass 6.

  • What is Gorilla Glass 6?
  • Gorilla Glass 6 display.
  • Smartphone & Gorilla Glass 6.
  • Gorilla Glass 6 & ordinary Screen protector.
  • Does Gorilla Glass 6 need a Screen protector?

What is Gorilla Glass 6?

Gorilla Glass is the latest version, introduced by Corning Inc, provides a protective glass sheet to all the electronic devices. Gorilla glass also gets slimmed over the passing years and Gorilla 6 is the same a Gorilla 5 but it is more resistant and 2 times better than Gorilla glass 5 because the device sheeted with Gorilla glass 6 can survive after several drops from more huge heights as compared to Gorilla Glass 6. Before coming to the main topic, we have to understand about Gorilla Glass 6 display, its difference from other screen protectors. It will make easier to acknowledge the topic.

Gorilla Glass 6 display

Gorilla Glass 6 has a highly scratch-resistant display which means that if you get scratch even with metal, it cannot get damaged. For example, if you have any portable device that has a Gorilla Glass 6 shield, and you keep your device in your pocket, which also contains some sharp edge products like cards or any metal keys then your device can not get a mark or a scratch. We are not saying that it is 100% smudge-free glass, there is a possibility that the device gets damaged, but to some large extent, Gorilla Glass 6 can control and resist the mark.

Smartphone & Gorilla Glass 6

Every year, the smartphone gets more high processing speed, more good specs, good quality camera lens, and their expense rate also becomes high. If you buy an expensive smartphone, the screen protection from marks and scratches should become a top priority for you. Most of the people use Gorilla Glass protector only, to prevent their display screen for a long time. Gorilla Glass 6 crack-resistant Glass not only protects your phone from cracks, but also secure phone display from heightened drops, metal things, and smudges.

Gorilla Glass 6 & ordinary Screen protector

Gorilla Glass 6 is a toughed and most durable Glass covering as compared to a screen protector. After rigorous testing and methodologies, mobile phones can survive from a 15 constructive drop because it has a rough and tough featuring. When we look up to a screen protector or tempered glass screen protector, it has a very high chance to get scratches and marks after a drop (even tough drop is not from a huge height). The following table illustrates to you that which one is much better in terms of protection.

Gorilla Glass 6

Screen Protector

More durable 

Less durable

Cannot get marks and scratches quickly

Can get scratches and smudge screen quickly.

Hard resistant, can bear the sharpness and hardness of plastic, metal

Not much hard resistant, can easily breakdown.

It is unaffected up to very high 15 drops

It can be broken down after 2-3 high drops.

Does Gorilla Glass 6 need a Screen protector


Diamond is one of the hardest materials that can make a scratch on a Gorilla Glass 6 screen. Gorilla Glass 6 can prevent your mobile phone screen from a common daily use sharp objects like knife, metal penny/coin, Fingernail or any sharp steel nail, and also form no marks or cracks on your phone. Gorilla 6 also prevents display screen from dust and dirt. If you see any dust on the Glass screen, simply wipe it from the cleaning cloth.

If you are using Gorilla Glass 6 screen protector, you don’t have any need to place a screen protector on it. Some people are extra preventive and protective, and they use both (a glass, a protector) for the protection measures. 


Conclusively, there is no need to place an additional screen protector on a Gorilla 6 because if a Glass can prevent your mobile phone up to high drop, and an extreme damages, then it is useless to scratch guard it more. For any questions and query, you can ask in a comment section

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