Do you have to have 5G phone to use 5G ?

The internet rules in today’s world. Who would not like to have faster ones on their phones? The good news is that the next generation of internet 5G is on its way. With 5G phone handy, you can enjoy exceptional data speeds. However, there is still a long way to go for 5G future; many giant manufacturing companies have announced their 5G phone launch; it probably the right time to talk about having 5G phones to accesses 5G networks.

There is a lot of buzz on how the 5G network can play a role in transforming many industries. 5G network on phones allows you to download full-length movies just in seconds. Buying a 5G phone makes you take advantage of high speeds on networks. Before choosing a decision on why to go for 5G phones, first, read what 5G network is.

What is 5G?

It is a fifth-generation wireless communication standard. The backbone of the network comprises a low- mid and high band spectrum. It operates on different frequencies. Carriers that are using LTE networks to support the 4G network now need more of it to build 5G. The advent of 5G has given carriers to spectrum that enables faster speed.

Should you go for a 5G phone and why?

From the past 12 months, things have experienced a definitive change with the advent of the 5G network. Many carriers now offer 5G coverage meeting the demands of the people. There are more choices to purchase 5G phones but, there are still among on list of expensive phones to buy. Always tap on your budgets before ticking the option. The question at this juncture is, do you need to buy 5G phones now to accesses the 5G network? The answer to queries depends on the country you live in, the network and the phone you use. 5G is no longer a future network; it has become a current scenario. With the changing trends since the past few months, it has turned into a more attractive option for smartphone users.

Faster than LTE

This probably could be the main reason for the customer form 4G mobiles to the ones that offer 5G. They deliver faster speed and lower latency compared to any 4G mobiles available in the market. When the comparison test was conducted last year, the 5G network showed a marked improvement in terms of speed. The results were drastically improved not only in the carriers that use a high spectrum but in the carriers that run on the lower spectrum too.

Coverage is becoming widespread

In terms of coverage, it is easier to find now than earlier. Even low band network boasts broad national reach and this coverage may surge up in the near future. The companies like AT&T is building national reach for 5G network and has already opened the doors in 35 cities, which was earlier restricted to a few selected customers. Companies like Verizon have rendered 2019 for building a 5G network and has already reached 30 locations. If your location is not covered under the 5G network now, not a worry, your city will be part of the 5G network in the near future.

Plentiful 5G phones 

When commercial network Verizon threw its service for 5G network in April last year, there was no single 5G phone built supporting the 5G network. You had to turn to Moto Z3 to 5G mod attachment and connect with the network. It is no longer the case now; there are many smartphones built to support the 5G network. A handful of phones from the giant manufactures like Samsung and LG entered the market supporting 5G network 2019 but leap towards expensive smartphone line.

The story had a new turn in the year 2020—all flagship phones of Samsung support 5G network with every carrier. Many 5G phones are making their way to market and competitive prices.

5G phones are future proof 

The most worthy point about 5G phones that are released this year is they use Qualcomm’s X55.modem in addition to supporting faster speeds. The phones can reach a peak speed of 7.5gpbs on multiple kinds of 5G networks. The phones will be able to connect both extensive and low band coverage offering high-speed service. It is quite an important feature that your phone must have the service providers who are using high band at the moment may switch to lower bands in the future to increase their reach, so; you should purchase a 5G phone with X55 modem inside to take advantage of these future developments. The phone you buy today will be relevant for developments after two years too.

No extra charge for 5G service 

Using a 5G network over the phone deemed to be an expensive affair last year, but now, every carrier has spelled out what having a 5G network on the mobile costs you. In most of the cases, it could not be more than what you pay for your current network services.

Should you wait to get your 5G phone?

 The 5G phone that is available today is, of course, robust than last year. This does not mean that it is available for everyone. You can even go for purchasing the phone now. However, holding a while would add more benefits to your basket, like lower prices in forthcoming days. If you a brand freak for Apple, the company asks customers to wait a while for its distinctive 5G phone launch. 

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